1 year of using the service for new sole proprietors.

Elba-online accounting. Suitable for IP and OOO in different tax systems: the simplified tax system, unified tax on imputed income and patent.

Service features:

Preparation of reports to the tax service. Preparation and submission of tax reports via the Internet, including USN, UTI and SSC declarations. Reconciliation of submitted reports, tax arrears, and payments to the budget with the tax service.
Calculation of taxes, individual entrepreneur's contributions for themselves and preparation of payment orders for their payment. You will only need to upload the completed payment card to the Internet Bank.
Observance of cash discipline: Elba can keep a record of income and expenses, automatically generate Kuder and cashbook.
Work with documents. Preparation of documents, invoices,invoices, invoices. A convenient scheduler will help you save time on creating documents for regular transactions.
Create agreements: create documents based on popular templates or create your own.
Working with contractors. To make sure that contractors are reliable, you can request an extract from the state register.
Preparing and sending reports to the FIU and FSS via the Internet. In addition, Elba can help you to report the tax on form 2-pit and 6-pit.
Elba calculates taxes and employee contributions automatically based on your specified salary, as well as sick and vacation pay.

Special offer for LogisticSpace users: The first month of using The service is free of charge. If you opened an individual entrepreneur less than 3 months ago, a year is free at the maximum rate.

Contur.Elbe Online accounting for small businesses.

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1 year
using the service for new sole proprietors